Many Customers will face many problems in purchasing a realistic love doll before and after. According several years experience, siliconerealdoll help you summarize the frequent questions about sex dolls. If you have any question about sex dolls, please read this article. We believe you will find out the solution!

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Can all the sex doll with nails ?

Yes, we can give all sex dolls both hand and toe nails.

Can all the dolls have anal facility ?

Yes, all the doll with anal hole, has anal sex function.

Can all the doll provide oral facility ?

Yes, all the doll with oral hole, has oral sex function.

What skin colors are your dolls ?

We offer 4 kinds standard skin color: white, light pink, yellow, brown.

Can the doll stand on her feet ?

The doll can stand on her feet against the wall or by holding some support that supports her. But she should only stand for a short time to protect the silicone feet.

What material is the skin ?

The doll skin is medical TPE or Silicone. TPE will be softer, and Silicone will be harder.

What is the sex dolls made from?

Sex Dollls is the NON inflatable variety. No air inside. Sex Dolls are made from a special soft version of Medical TPE or Silicone that feels more like human flesh, fat and muscle.

Can the doll go into water ?

The doll can take a shower and also you can put the doll into water, but don’t put the doll neck and all doll head into water. Do not put the metal parts into water.

Does the doll make-up erase ?

The sex doll make-up can erase. It is not a part of the silicone colour. It will not disappear even with washing with water. Customer can make-up the doll with any style you love.

What kind of lubricant water I can use avoid destorying the sex dolls?

We recommend using Water-based lubricant but not Oil-based lubricant. Oil-based lubricant will destory the material of TPE and Silicone. Please notice it.

How long do I get the doll once I purchased

Normally, our dolls will arrive at your address among 7-14days, shipping from China. However, if Express Company meets some problems in deliverying, the time of arrival will be prolonged to 14-20 days. If you purchase the sex dolls saved in USA, the time of arrival will be among 7days.

Can you tell my why these dolls are so cheap? Other sex dolls stores are expensive.

These sex dolls we make big discount have been saved in USA by shipping not air. So the fees of transportation are cheaper than single dolls. Therefore, we can give our customers these kind of big discount and promise the high-quality. Hope you can love.

What things can be attached with the doll?

We will provide Wig X 1+Sexy Lingerie X1+ Comb X1+ USB Vagina Heater X1+Blanket X1 +Vagina Cleaning Device X1 

If I don’t love doll, can I return it to you?

Sorry, best customer, we can not accept return without the problem of the original sex dolls. If the problem came from express company, we will help you get the compensation.

What if her body receives damage?

The special TPE is designed to take some wear and tear so it is pretty strong and durable however just treat her with respect and dont do anything too silly to create a chance of damage.

What kind of package are the Fantasy Sex dolls delivered in ?

Each Fantasy Sex doll is securely packed in a double reinforced cardboard box that you can keep for storage if needed. The Fantasy Sex Doll is lying downwards inside the box. The Silicone Dolls hands and feet a packages in a protective film. Until now, we have not received or experienced any issues or incidences or damage due the way our dolls are packed.

Is it easy to dress the dolls ?

If its the first time you are changing your dolls clothing, it may get a little tricky. You need to try learning how your doll moves to avoid damaging her whilst changing her. Avoid tight non-elastic clothing. Once you get to know your doll, you will feel more confident dressing and undressing her..

How do I maintain my TPE Sex doll ?

The silicone used for our dolls do not require special maintenance. To clean your doll, some soapy water (dish soap or bubble bath) is sufficient to remove all dust. After complete drying and a light layer of talc, your doll will find its freshness, and will be ready again.

How do I clean my doll after having sex ?

After use, simply clean the inside of the vagina with warm water, and your doll will be ready again.

Is the doll the same as pictures showed?

Yeah, all dolls showing on our store are the same as the pictures showed, if you want to purchase, we can provide real pictures at factory to you.

How to repair the doll ?

If the doll skin tear or broken, please contact us with email, we will help for repair.

We have the repair kits for free, but sorry for that there is no any shipping company can take liquid from China. We will recommend you purchase it from Amazon or AliExpress, and we will provide help for you about the use.

Care tips?

Joints: Please treat the doll as you would a real woman. The doll can move in many positions and poses however don’t force unusual moments that wouldn’t be normal on a woman otherwise a joint could break.

Carrying: It is recommended not to drag when moving the doll as you may catch her feet on a rough surface causing damage.

Care of Skin: It is best to clean before and after every use. Keeping her in a breathable bag will of course deflect any dust or debris from sticking to the material. For cleaning holes use mild soap with water to wash and clean on every use. Baby powder can be used to keep dust and oil off of the material. It can also eliminate shine making the skin look more realistic and supple. Leaving the doll contorted for long periods of time can cause creases in the material so it is always best after use to return the doll back to the storage position which is lying flat. Cleaning the vagina area it is good to use a douche with warm soapy water. Lastly when you receive the doll new for the first time it doesn’t hurt to give a wipe down to remove any chemical dust that may be on the surface of the doll.

Please note: Strong coloured dyes used on clothes can also be absorbed by the material if left for too long or left in the sun/daylight. This issue can be intensified if you live in hot/sunny areas and leave the doll exposed in the heat, so please be extra careful.

Storage: It is best to lay the doll on her back with arms and legs slightly apart and lying flat. If you can place foam underneath it is good as it can eliminate any long term indentations. Do not store the doll crouched/bent, this will stretch the material over time which can lead to tearing. The main idea is to treat the doll with care and she will last well.