Pepper (165cm) Ship From American

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This sex doll saved in USA warehouse so that you can get it by a cheap price. Only American Buyers can buy it. Other countries can not buy it, sorry.

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Height 100cm
Weight 18kg
Breast 54cm
Waist 36cm
Hip 55cm
Vagina 16cm
Anus 14cm
G.W 11kg
CTN 90*37*30cm
The product will contain:
A Nude Sex doll
Wig X 1+Sexy Lingerie X1+ Comb X1+ USB Vagina Heater X1+
Blanket X1 +Vagina Cleaning Device X1
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Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 150 × 46 × 38 cm

3 reviews for Pepper (165cm) Ship From American

  1. AirFusion

    Well my doll/girl just got here yesterday. This is my first doll. Took awhile to talk the wife into it. But she seems very well put together. I am very pleased with my purchase. She seems to move well but one thing I see now is her weight. I did not know 71 lbs of dead weight could be so heavy. Above all,she is soo good!!

  2. Winning Looser

    Overall exactly what was expected and have no complaints.

  3. Hugh Croft

    So cheap !! My friends recommend this girl to me ,he bought it before ,and then he recommend this beauty to me .She is so professional ,her vagina is so tight ,and her face is so beautiful .sex with her is so amazing .Like she always have orgasm .

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