The Important Things of TPE Sex Dolls You Need to Know in 2021

Here are some important things about sex dolls you need to know, so that you can make a good realization and recognize about what sex dolls you will purchase. After reading this article, you will know the sex dolls in depth.

The first part, you should know the fundamental functions of TPE sex dolls in Siliconerealdoll:

  • Three Holes
    The vagina, mouth, and anus of TPE sex dolls are all designed based on real women. You can enjoy oral sex, anal sex and vaginal sex all at once. In order to provide you with the best sex experience, the TPE sex doll is completely anatomically correct. We restore the beautiful body 1:1 according to the real female body. It can give you a feeling of intimacy and authenticity.
  • Internal Alloy Skeleton
    A qualified adult doll has a ferroalloy skeleton in its body. Their shoulder joints, elbow joints, knee joints, etc. can move freely. It is well known that dog-style sex is a kind of sexual posture that many men like. This posture is full of possessiveness and sense of conquest, but inflatable dolls are impossible to achieve, but TPE silicone dolls can easily achieve this. This is a detailed description of an inflatable doll with standing function:
  • Two Customizable Breast Types
    These two breasts look the same in appearance, but feel completely different. The solid breast uses the same material (TPE or Silicone) as the body. Hollow breasts are not filled with material, they are softer and more realistic but more easily deformed. You can choose from the customization options at the time of purchase.
  • Pink Pussy
    Come on! The best pretty pink pussy, the opening will offer a powerful grip, studded with sensational ribbing for incredible pleasure. You can choose between two types of the vagina: fix or removable vaginal.

The second part, here are some tips for maintaining sex dolls:

1. The body of the product is equipped with various joints in the internal can be put in a variety of posture range.

But the product factory for the natural straight posture, it can not be a long time to let the doll placed or a difficult bending posture, The arm and thigh can not be a long time to maintain a large degree of open or rotating state. So, after use, please put down on both sides of the body and maintain the same state as picture we show when unpacking, So as to avoid the activities of TPE deformation or damage.

2. As for the skin surface area of dust and dirt, using the general detergent can cleaned. 

In the period of using detergent, shower gel, please avoid using the fingernail to scratch the skin surface. Wash the skin and other surface moisture, and smooth the surface of the skin smooth as ever.

3. Wait for the surface of the skin dry, learn use powder

The Sex Dolls gently marked with prickly heat powder or talcum powder, which can have strong protection to doll skin.

The third part, you should know the best environment for saving sex dolls:

In order to protect the doll can be long-term use, the placement of the environment have certain requirements, a good storage environment can be good to prevent the doll’s skin cracking and internal parts of the aging, maintenance doll performance and doll life.

1. Should avoid direct sunlight, long-term sunshine doll will fade and the phenomenon of easy to dry skin.

2. Should avoid excessive dust environment, dolls have a sticky surface and electrostatic large, very easy to stick sticky dust, avoid dust conducive to skin care.

3. Should avoid the humid environment, the doll inside the alloy for the joints, the surface of a certain degree of soft absorbent, long-term in the wet ring static, slow infiltration of water on its gum and skeleton are negative, doll cleaning should avoid long Time to place the water.

4. Do not put a long time in the leather or stained leather seats, darker clothes to avoid wearing a long time to avoid the pigment into the skin inside, our company has matching to the cream for sale, but the internal pigment Still difficult to remove, need to pay attention.

5. Should avoid the room temperature is too high or too low, the doll can not be placed in a long time too high or too low environment, the most suitable ambient temperature should be 5-35 degrees Celsius (41-95 degrees Fahrenheit) between. Dolls can be placed in air-conditioned rooms or heating room should pay attention to the temperature within the appropriate range, to avoid long-term abnormal temperature colloid changes.

6. Dolls placed to avoid extrusion, extrusion will cause deformation for a long time, do not put heavy objects on the doll or local compression tightening and so on.

7. Dolls are thermoplastic materials, please stay away from fire, for example, in the heating blanket or pit bed, please note the temperature.

Last but not least, if you destroy the TPE or Silicone Body of sex dolls, you can quickly adopt the solutions:

1.Restore Small Damage:

Such as the surface of the skin surface of trifoliate orange damage, can use the distribution of glue bonding. First clean the damaged surface, the wound at the rubber back to the original position, and then evenly coated with a layer of glue, waiting for about half an hour to dry solid, if other technical problems can be directly contact us, as the case may provide Processing technology.

2. Ban Bad Behavior:

The doll skin once the damage, please stop using it immediately, as soon as possible to effectively repair the note is: TPE colloid can not use the general bonding punishment, repair, please use our special TPE repair agent, Repair, contact customer service to buy larger or more serious damage, do not directly repair, please take pictures and customer service to confirm the patch program.

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